from Auli Helena

A medium-sized wild cat with black tufts on the tips of its ears, short tail and large paws. The smallest species among lynxes are the bobcat and the Canadian lynx, the largest one is the Eurasian lynx. The Eurasian lynx is native to Europe and Siberian forests. The lynxes are being reintroduced in Western Europe. It's the Europe's 3rd largest predator, after the brown bear and the grey wolf. The Eurasian lynx consumes about one or two kilos of meat every day. The summer coat is short, brownish or reddish in colour, replaced by a much thicker silver-grey or greyish-brown coat in winter. It hunts by stalking and jumping on its prey, its favourite prey is the roe deer.
The lynx is a solitary animal, they breed at the end of winter and the female usually gives birth to 2-4 kittens. They stay with the mother for about 9 months. (wikipedia)

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