Vicuñas in Ancash region

Thank you Marcos for sending this beautiful postcard from Peru! 

The animals on the postcard are vicuñas, a wild camelid which lives in the Andes. Vicuñas produce small amount of extremely fine wool, which is very expensive. Animals can be shorn only once every 3 years and has to be caught from the wild. The product of vicuña's wool is very soft and warm. In 1974 vicuñas were declared endangers, after many years of being hunted there, were only 6,000 animals left. Now the population has recovered to about 350,000.
The vicuña is a national animal of Peru, its picture is used on the Peruvian coat of arms.

Peru is a country in western South America, bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and the Pacific Ocean. The capital city of the country is Lima. 
Peruvian territory was home to one of the oldest ancient culture in the world - Inca Emire. The Spanish Empire conquered the territory in the 16th century.

source: wikipedia & google maps

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  1. Fajna kartka :) Zauważyłam, że poswapowałyśmy z tymi samymi osobami ;)

    1. Jeżeli chodzi o takie kraje jak Namibia czy Peru to wyboru raczej nie ma ;)