The Pitons

Another card sent by my husband! It was very hard for me to choose which card I wanted to get so I picked 3! 2 more will be posted a bit later. Saint Lucia was the 2nd stop on our cruise, it is a beautiful island and I loved this place. Now I wish to go there again and spend there at least a few days. We took a trip from the capital city, Castries, along the western coast to Soufrière.

The Pitons and Soufrière
Local fruits
Three Pitons
These are some of the pictures we took on our excursion.

Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

This is an international stamp I bought in a souvenir shop, the postage to all over the world is 1USD.

source: wikipedia & google maps

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  1. Your husband sent a nice card :) I don't think I could trust my wife to use nice stamps hehe.

    1. I picked the card and bought stamps, he just wrote a message ;)

  2. Jak ten gość tam wszedł? ;)
    Pięknie tam!