My collected countries & territories lottery results

First of all thank you very much for taking part in this lottery and sharing it with your friends. Nobody guessed the correct answer, but some of you were really close. I've received postcards from 133 different countries & territories and still waiting for more! I am really happy for every postcard I've received through the official PC site, swaps and from friends & family who remember about my postcard hobby. 17 people took part in the lottery but unfortunately I can send only 1 postcard.


  1.  emmanuelchitanda2@gmail.com
  2. magda.niska@interia.pl
  3. Krystyna
  4. dud.pch@gmail.com
  5. werciarad@interia.pl
  6. Elphielein@yahoo.de
  7. irfan_sheikh@msn.com
  8. abejerman@gmail.com
  9. nastik104@mail.ru
  10. 329287514@qq.com
  11. mellyntiger@gmail.com
  12. francis.corbett@live.com
  13. rubahbiru97@gmail.com
  14. Landovb@Gmail.com
  15. frutina7 at gmail.com
  16. tv_pashkevich@mail.ru
  17. nati.ptak@gmail.com

Congrats to the winner!

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